Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions for us? Here is a sample of some common ones we get…just to help you quickly and get this job off quickly.

Do you offer free colour consultations?

Yes, we offer free colour consultations; however, we may have swatches or booklets that we may leave behind and charge a small deposit.

What does a colour consultation entail?

Colour consultations are our expert advice on which colours are best suited for our clients and their space. At this time we will discuss which product brands and their colours are recommended. Swatches and patterns will be available for viewing in most cases.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured to protect Trademark Painters and our client’s properties.

What is the estimated cost of a project?

The characteristics of each project varies and therefore the cost varies. In most cases it is safe to say the combination of square footage and the products used accordingly will determine your quotation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!

What type of paint products do you use?

We recommend the highest quality of Sherwin Williams products. However, we are open to your preferences and will discuss with you what the option comparible ares so we can agree on the right product for your space.

What type of experience does your company have?

Our team has years of extensive knowledge on paint products and painting techniques. Our portfolio of experience displays the product knowledge combined with painting techniques that will have your space done right!