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Colour Consultations

Let us assist you in choosing what colour best suits your space.

Interior & Exterior Painting & Staining

Providing interior and exterior painting for residential, commercial and industrial properties

About Us

In today’s service industry, trusting a company with your home is getting more and more tricky. Having the right people come to your home an applying quality products with the experience and knowledge you deserve is crucial. The theory that “anyone” can paint is farthest from the truth. We know the horror stories that can happen with a failed experienced application. From blotch spots, to paint peeling, or even incorrect stain blocking primers are all ways that can make a ‘simple’ paint job turn into a visual nightmare.

We are a company that’s cut from a different cloth. Our level of customer service and good quality work sets us aside. At Trademark Painters, we get to know each client during our color consultations to ensure we turn our client’s vision for their space into reality. We use state of art equipment and paint products for every project. And our application methods are done properly so your space will shine. Its our quest to make your room look amazing. No fuss, no headaches…just our Trademark!

“Trademark Painters brought my old fence back to life. Not only did they match the colours with the new section we built, but made the old sections look just as new!”